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PLEASE NOTE: All out other records are available through the Blang record label shop. All prices include postage and packaging.

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Buzfuz records are also available at these online stores:

CD album "Fire Horse" (Audio Gland DROP 3)

£5 UK delivery

£6 Rest of world

CD album "Obsessive Compulsion Pour Homme" (Audio Gland DROP 2)

£5 UK delivery

£6 Rest of world

7" 3 track single "Plugged In" (Audio Gland DROP 1)

Contains "Plugged In", "Cool Britannia", "Jesus Loves You When You're Naked"

£3 UK delivery

£4 Rest of world

Tee Shirt: "You Were A Magnet, Now You're A Fridge"

(khaki, in sizes XL, Large, Medium, Small, Ladyfit Med, Ladyfit Small)

£6 UK delivery

£7 Rest of world