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Eilish McCracken

Birthplace? Ronkswood Hospital (Worcester) 

Starsign? Virgo
Lives in? Luton
Does this mean anything to you? Does what mean anything to me?
Favourite biscuit? They've got frilly bits around the edges, raisins in the middle and they're a bit shortbready. You get them in variety packs.
Pet hate? Inability to pour a decent pint of Guinness
Beatles album: Revolver
City: Helsinki
How (on Earth) did you become involved with Sergeant Buzfuz? Didn't I lose a bet?
Which shampoo do you use? Herbal Essence for 'normal hair'
Favourite film? The Shining, The Orphanage
Favourite jazz album: I have no favourite jazz album
Children's TV programme: Tiswas
Carry On Actor: Sid James
Best Place in London: Where my friends are
Most treasured possession: My photo albums
Porn star name: Smokey MacInerney (Eilish, that's a country singer name - ed)
Pets: Neo (cat, female)