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Joe Murphy

Birthplace? Sheffield
Lives in? Sheffield
Star sign? Gemini
Does this mean anything to you?
I'm two-faced.
Favourite biscuit? Dark chocolate digestive
Favourite album? The Madcap Laughs (Syd Barrett)
Favourite single? Nag Nag Nag (Cabaret Voltaire)
Pets: Pickwick (cat, female)
Favourite piece of technology? Dodgem car
3 favourite places in London: BFI, Skoob, Tower Of London
3 favourite places in Sheffield: Kop (S2), Central Library, Derbyshire
Beatles album: Rubber Soul
Tipple: Red wine
Likes? Trains. Maps. Cathedrals. Libraries. Cats.
Dislikes? Bullies.
Favourite films? The Saragossa Manuscript. Vertigo.
Actors: Thora Hird, Maxine Peake, Humphrey Bogart, Bruno S, Toby Jones
City: Vancouver.
Porn star name: Jigsaw Hague