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Down With The Creeps (by The Flying Chaucers - solo Joe lockdown project)

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April 2021

1 Down With The Creeps

Fox Pop (CD album)

July 2020

1 There's Idiots, Then There's Idiots With Money
2 Theresa McKee
3 The Tongues They Wag Away
4 Who Art In Seven Hills / Rare & Racy
5 Clouds In Your Eyes
6 Rear View Mirror
7 Fill In The Blanks
8 Your Time Is Tomorrow
9 The Years Dressed In Gold
10 In The Folds Of Her Robe
11 Back To The Willow

There's Idiots, Then There's Idiots With Money (Download single)

June 2020

1 There's Idiots, Then There's Idiots With Money  
2 Clouds In Your Eyes Drone Mix

Humble Pie EP (download/ltd CD)

March 2017

1 Humble Pie
2 People In Power
3 The Whole Hospital's Talking About It
4 The Ventriloquist's Funeral

"a wonderful collection of clattering anti-folk, warped psychedelic pop and strange, experimental post-punkery" DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE

Joe Buzfuz - Now That I'm The Mayor Of London (single)

March 2016

1 Now That I'm The Mayor Of London
2 3:15

Various Artists - Shirley Inspired

June 2015

Shirley Collins tribute album featuring tracks from Joe Murphy and Slate Islands (AKA Sgt Buzfuz backing singer Polly MacLean) alongside contributions from Alasdair Roberts, Lee Ranaldo, Graham Coxon, Will Oldham and many more.

Joe Murphy - Adieu To All Judges And Juries
Slate Islands - Proud Maisrie

Balloons For Thin Linda album (vinyl and CD)

April 2015

1 Move, Carmelita  
2 Infinite Kingdom Of Dirt
3 S6 Girls  
4 House Of Spirits  
 Balloons For Thin Linda  
 Things You Need  
 Gold Feelings  
 Danny’s Room 
 Molly’s Bar  
10  Truth And Lies

S6 Girls comic and CD-R

March 2015

S6 Girls comic, drawn by Julia Homersham, with free CD-R containing:

1 S6 Girls
2 S6 Sunday Morning

Gold Feelings single

December 2014

1 Gold Feelings
2 Cuckoo Boogie

Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself CD album

April 2012

1 Here Come The Popes Part 1
2 Here Come The Popes Parts 2 & 3
3 Here Come The Popes Part 4
4 Theme 3
5 Sur Le Pontiff D'Avignon
6 Two Popes
7 Palais Des Papes, Deserted
8 A Hole In The Wall
9 Gregory XII Vs Benedict XIII
10 Benefictus The Fake
11 Council Of Pisda
12 Unholy Trinity
13 Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself

Danny's Room/Molly's Bar download single

May 2011

A Danny's Room
AA Molly's Bar

Knock Knock Knock download EP

February 2011 (Blang 30)

1 Knock Knock Knock
2 Shift In The Sand
3 Horns And Claws
4 Wake Up Brixton, Eat Your Breakfast

Popes 4 Cops 1 download single

March 2010 (BLANG 26)

popes 4 cops 1 cover artA   Here Come The Popes Part 4 (single version)
AA Here Come The Cops


High Slang CD album

February 2009 (Blang 15)                                                                                         

High Slang Album cover1 God To Holloway
2 Here Come The Popes Part 2
3 Here Come The Popes Part 3
4 Cockney Rebel
5 Names For Girls
6 Mothership Zelda
7 In The Back Of My Cab
8 Kay Malone
9 -itis
10 My Drinking Friends
11 Rebellion With Fries
12 Kisses From The Sickbed
13 Here Come The Popes Part 4
14 Go Hoot, Owl Lady

God To Holloway download single

January 09 (Blang 14)

God To Holloway single coverA God To Holloway (Single Mix)
B Go Hoot, Owl Lady

Here Come The Popes Part 3 7" single (purple vinyl)

September 2008 (BLANG 10)                                                                                         

A. Here Come The Popes Part 3
B. Dentist To The Stars

The Jewelled Carriageway CD album

September 2006 (BLANG 2)                                                                                         

1. Swallows
2. It's Not What You've Got It's Who You Give It To
3. The Television Will Not Be Revolutionised
4. Pour It From The Kettle
5. Windscreen Wipers
6. Who Are You?
7. Bone Tired
8. Blanket TV
9. Grade A
10. Something To Lose
11. Here Come The Popes Part 1 (1st Millenium)

"Indelible" track on Fruit Machine (26 Seeds From The London Underground)

September 2005 (Blang, BLANG1)                                                                                            

Fire Horse CD album

March 2004 (Audio Gland Records, cat no: Drop 3)                                                  

1. Scratch A Lover
2. Obedience
3. Untitled # 2
4. Ghost
5. Cactus
6. Fire Horse
7. Grand Scheme Of Things
8. Shimmers Like Gold
9. A Horse To Take You
10. Don't Drink Yourself To Sleep
11. See-Through

Obsessive Compulsion Pour Homme CD album

January 2001 (Audio Gland Records, cat no: Drop 2)                                                  

1. Tear The Clouds
2. Untitled # 1
3. Bite Your Lip
4. Summer Frocks
5. Theme 1
6. Public Enemy # 1
7. Infinity
8. Queen's English
9. Theme 2
10. Cell Phone
11. Picking Crystals From A Storm

Plugged In 7" single

January 2000 (Audio Gland Records, cat no: Drop 1)                                                  

1. Plugged in.
2. Cool Brittania
3. Jesus Loves You When You're Naked